Gerly Adrien Announces Her Candidacy for Councilor At-Large

Gerly Adrien announces her candidacy for Councilor At-Large, the following is her statement:

My name is Gerly Adrien. I grew up on Cedar Street, in Ward 4. I am proud to be a Christian, small business owner, have eight years of experience in finance, landlord, MBA candidate from Boston University and graduate of Bentley University.

I am happy to be married to David W. Lindsey, Jr.

I am asking for your vote on Tuesday, November 5, for City Council At-Large. As your City Councilor, I will work hard to bring common-sense reforms to City Hall, transparency, strengthen neighborhood safety and make sure everyone are given the resources and opportunities to succeed.

This is what I want to work on during my first term:

Check & Balance on ALL matters in the city

Update City Policies & Plans

Improve Transparency & Efficiency

Understand / Communicate Budget Matters & to not increase taxes on residents without understanding WHY

Local Economic Growth

Make Everett Business-Friendly

Public Safety

Youth Development

Improvement our Streets & Street Lighting

Culture & Arts

City-wide Emergency Response  Plan

Healthy Everett  Initiative

Here are other matters I plan on working because I truly care:

A Quality Public School for All

Championing new resources for schools

Find new school funding from current city revenue to support for public education. Other cities use a portion of property taxes and the parking revenue to cover education.

Help increase the number of guidance and social workers in schools.

Hold school budget town halls, to help win improve our school communities and parent involvement.

Investing in quality teaching

Improve the handling of teacher vacancies, recruitment, and diversity hires, including supporting fair investigatory hearings.

Defending our most vulnerable youth

Find funding from our city budget (without raising taxes) to address youth homelessness.

Hold the first ever hearings on the issue of youth homelessness, highlighting the voices and experiences of youth alongside experts.

Housing as a Human Right

Tenants’ rights

Implement a goal with raising funds for legal aid for low-income renters facing eviction.


Organize hearings and forums on Everett’s eviction crisis and community town hall in the neighborhood with the highest rate of eviction in the city, to hear from community members about the challenges they face and pave a path forward to secure housing as a human right.

Quality Jobs and Corporate Accountability

 Improving wages

Pass legislation expanding better opportunities for everyone in Everett.

Pass legislation to require businesses that receive city subsidies to report data about economic value and job quality.

Mobility and Transit Equity

Traffic Safety

Lead citywide plan to reduce traffic deaths and injuries by installing speed controls and other neighborhood improvements, and to increase safety for families with children commuting to school.

Sidewalk Safety

Pass new legislation requiring stricter standards for pedestrian and sidewalk safety around construction sites.

Transit equity

Establish a citywide planning process to ensure our transportation infrastructure equitably serves the needs of everyone, including people with disabilities, seniors, and low-income people.

I understand the unique challenges and opportunities that exist in our City and I will never stop fighting to improve the lives of our children and families. I respectfully ask for your one of your five votes on Tuesday, November 5. My number is 617-835-8267. Learn more at

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