Encore Numbers, Revenues Take a Dip in September

Total wagers at Encore Boston Harbor were down by nearly $100 million in September, and gross gaming revenues (GGRs) declined by about $3.5 million, in what was the first backward step for the casino since opening in July.

The total wagers were at $298.15 million in September, which was down from the August high of $391.47 million. GGRs also decrease from $52.48 million in August to $48.95 million in September. That number, however, was still greater than the July number.

One high point for Encore was the increase to slot machine GGRs, which had been very soft. It was the biggest number for slot GGRs since opening, registering $21.86 million in September. That came, also, with a bit of the tightening on the slots, going from a 94 percent payout in August to a 91 percent payout in September.

That came at the expense, though, of the table game revenues, which had been red-hot since opening. In September, the table game numbers registered $27.09 million after having hit a high of $32.2 million in August. It was the lowest table game revenue number for a full month since opening.

Encore paid out $12.2 million in state taxes in September, with a four-month total of $41.7 million going to the state in taxes since opening.

The slowdown wasn’t unique to Encore, as similar dips came in for numbers at the MGM Springfield property too.

The total wager number there was down $10 million, from $187.5 million in August to $177.6 million in September.

GGRs declined by almost $1 million in September there, as did slot and table game revenues.

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