Superintendent Search Going Full-Speed

Applications to be the new superintendent of schools in Everett are due before the end of September, and School Committee Chair Tom Abbruzzese said they have a very strict schedule moving forward in the process.

Applications became available last month, and the deadline for candidates to declare their interest in the job is Sept. 27 at 3 p.m. Last week, the Superintendent Search Committee held their second public meeting with their search firm, the Massachusetts Association of School Committees (MASC).

Coming out of that, the Committee has established a very tight schedule.

“The Search Committee will be narrowing the field down to around 10 candidates and bring those 10 in for interviews,” he said. “We have dates already in place for late September through early October. Those will be private interviews.”

Right now, Abbruzzese said the Search Committee is working on formulating questions to ask the 10 candidates in the private interviews – which are private in order to protect the candidates in their existing jobs.

“That’s the thing we’re doing now,” he said. “We’re putting together specific questions to ask of the 10 candidates. The Search Committee comes up with the questions, but when we bring the candidates in, I’ll assign the questions and follow-up questions to people on the Committee.”

However, after that process plays out, the Search Committee will forward three or four finalists to the School Committee.

That will result in public interviews where the School Committee, the school staff/faculty, parents, students and the general public can pose questions to each candidate.

A vote on the new superintendent by the School Committee is expected before the end of the year, with a starting date of July 2020.

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