Matewsky tops the ticket in at-large, Lavecchio eliminated

Councilor Wayne Matewsky retained his ticket-topping ways in Tuesday’s Preliminary Election, taking the top spot by more than 30 votes, while candidate James Lavecchio was the lone candidate eliminated from the 11-person field.

Ten candidates in the at-large race now move on to the November City Election where they will compete for five seats.

Matewsky was very active on the campaign trail all day on Tuesday, appearing in several prominent areas and giving away trinkets as he visited with each and every voter coming by in Everett Square Tuesday morning.

It paid off as he collected 1,013 votes in the Preliminary, just ahead of Councilor John Hanlon, who scored 977 votes.

In essence, the incumbents ran the show in the field, except for Councilor Peter Napolitano, who finished outside of the top five due to a surge Candidate Gerly Adrien, who came in fifth.

The results are as follows:

  • Councilor Wayne Matewsky – 1,013
  • Councilor John Hanlon – 977
  • Council President Rich Dell Isola – 935
  • Councilor Michael Marchese – 911
  • Candidate Gerly Adrien – 900
  • Councilor Peter Napolitano – 877
  • Candidate Catherine Tomassi Hicks – 611
  • Candidate Steve Simonelli – 564
  • Candidate Renee Solano – 487
  • Candidate Joseph Mathew LaMonica – 433
  • Candidate James Lavecchio – 285

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