Growing Careers : Everett’s Enayo Helped to Ramp up Major Hiring Events at Encore

When Encore Boston Harbor was getting ready to ramp up its hiring of local residents, Everett’s Peggy Enayo was excited to steer so many residents in the right direction and into jobs.

She never dreamed that she, too, might have a career waiting at the resort casino in her hometown.

Everett’s Peggy Enayo went from helping residents find casino jobs as a career advisor at a local non-profit, to being part of the recruitment team at Encore Boston Harbor. Having grown up in Everett, she said the resort is already changing things about the city, and bringing more hope to residents.

“I was working as a career advisor at a local non-profit before I worked here,” she said. “I think I learned about Encore from living in Everett, but I learned more about Encore from working as a career advisor trying to help our residents find jobs here.”

It was during the course of that process that one of the Encore representatives encouraged her to apply as well. She said she had never thought about it, but figured she could give it a try. Some 15 months later, she is on the cutting edge of finding talent to staff and operate one of the most exciting workplaces in all of Everett and Boston.

“I think Everett is already changing because of Encore,” she said. “I think it’s changed the whole landscape. As soon as you enter Everett, you’re greeted by the beautiful tower, new buildings and 900 trees. The environment is different. The smell is different. It’s no longer a polluted area. It’s going to bring more opportunity, more visitors and more hope, I think.”

Enayo has lived in Everett for most all of her life, more than 20 years, she said. She attended Immaculate Conception Elementary, and then to Everett High School, where she participated in indoor and outdoor track. She went on to Northeastern University after that and then began working as in career development.

For her, growing up in Everett and knowing what Lower Broadway was, it has been a humbling experience having helped to bring together a brand new industry in a brand new location.

“I have to say it’s been humbling,” she said. “It’s definitely humbling because you see buildings go up every day in Boston, but you never know what’s going on behind the scenes. It’s been humbling to be a part of this and find out what it takes to bring a brand new industry into an area like Everett.”

Now, at Encore, she works as a recruiter in the Development Office, which is officially based off-site at the Station Landing office. As part of her job, she was tasked with helping to recruit and hire thousands of new employees during last spring’s onboarding of team members. While she has a background in recruiting employees, nothing she had done could compare to those major events at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston.

“It was a definitely a once in a lifetime experience,” she said. “At the same time, I appreciated it because not everyone gets to recruit for Boston’s most exciting project that happens to be in the same neighborhood I grew up in.”

Enayo said Encore provides employees with a very unique opportunity because there are so many departments, and opportunities to train or move to different departments. She said employees are also treated very well, and have several amenities, which makes it easier to recruit new talent.

“Encore really tries to take care of their team members as much as they’re clientele,” she said. “We have our own restaurant for employees here. That speaks highly of Encore.”

While many might think jobs as a dealer, or some other casino function, might be the most popular position at the resort, Enayo said the job that garners the most excitement is the Public Area Casino Porter. That job is highly interactive with the public, and one that serves as a way to find new and great talent.

“Surprisingly, I think our Public Area Casino Porter career has been a very popular position because it’s entry level and it’s more than other opportunities,” she said. “You have the opportunity to engage with guests all around the resort and meet them and make a good first impression. Again, it’s entry level so it allows for anyone to have that chance.”

Enayo said she, personally, thinks the shuttle and transportation services are the best amenities, though she also enjoys the restaurant too. Her favorite area of the resort, though, is the entryway where the carousel is located.

And, in closing, she said she had one remaining message for all Everett residents to know:  “We’re still hiring,” she said emphatically.

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