Councilor Simonelli Announces Candidacy for City Council-At-Large Voted City-Wide

Hello my Friends;

It’s been an honor and privilege serving as your Councilor from Ward 2 for the last (5) terms, but my residency has changed to 16 Golden Age Circle, and because I no longer live in Ward 2, I have decided to continue serving the “People” of Everett by running for City Councilor at Large voted city wide.

As most voters know, I have been successfully fighting Stage 4 throat cancer for the past four years and my fantastic doctors at MGH say I’m cancer free. Yes, I have difficulty speaking, but I have a great personal friend in former Councilor Nicky Saia with me at all Council meetings. I’m truly gratefully to have Nicky with me. He does a terrific job.

I’m very proud to be a cancer survivor. Cancer really changes one’s view on life and you become truly grateful for family and friends. Every day is a gift. Cancer may have made speech difficult for me but it has not stopped me once from “singing” loudly every Sunday as part of the Immaculate Conception Church Choir or voting on issues that most “People” want or need to keep Everett safe and a better place to live.

The “People” elected me and that is who I serve. I don’t have any allegiance to the powers that be. I ask the tough questions that not many will ask because I have no commitments to any person or corporations. My votes are based solely on the well-being of the “People” of Everett. I’m not afraid to take a stand on tough issues which I believe is in the best interest of them.

A good example is the new Encore Casino. No one can deny the casino is a beautiful sight and the once polluted area is now cleaned up and looks great but I was the only City Councilor to vote “NO” based on reasons we all know and reasons that have been widely documented about what casinos might bring. Also, my “NO” vote was knowing that the Casino Corporations would be gobbling up all the properties near the lower Broadway area for themselves and their gain and leaving little for the “People” of Everett.

Everett is doing great with street and sidewalk repaving and it is making a huge difference. Better traffic signs rerouting the Casino traffic are visible everywhere. The Traffic Commission is doing a great job moving traffic in and out of the casino area. I will always work to get more advanced notices of road closures and detours whenever possible.

Crime and opiate use in our city is being controlled and enforced by our strong Police and Fire. I can speak first-handed, about the quick and professional response my family and I have received in times of emergency. They are always there when needed. Code Enforcement is doing their part by keeping our neighborhoods clean and safe. “We the people” are also helping out by – if you see it, report it. Social media is doing a good job reporting what is happening in Everett both good and bad.

Councilor Simonelli has voted 100% to expand low and middle income housing especially for senior citizens. We are seeing more and more housing for our elderly and handicapped. A good example is the (77) units being built on the St. Therese’s property. Our Urban Renewal Plan is money well spent rehabbing older buildings and new construction making Everett a better place to live for our seniors and handicapped.

In closing, we have a primary for Councilor at Large on September 17th. I am humbly asking for (1) of your (5) votes so we can move together on Election Day this November. My motto is “For the People – By the People” and will always be. Remember, I have no commitments to anyone. As an Everett native, born and proudly raised in our city, my only ties are to us – the “People” of Everett.

Thank you for your continued support and well wishes.

Respectfully yours,

Councilor Stephen Simonelli

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