School Is Back — Drive Safely

We’re sure we’re no different than all of our fellow commuters in expressing this sentiment: It’s so nice when there are no school buses, crossing guards, and children in the streets during our morning commute.

We time the departure from our house to the minute each morning during the school year to make sure that we get ahead of the school buses in our neighborhood.

However, school is back this week — and that means it is imperative that we readjust our driving behavior in the morning to take into account the return of schoolchildren, buses, crossing guards, and reduced speeds in school zones.

Safety always should be the number one concern of every operator of a motor vehicle at all times, but especially so when there are small children on our roads. 

We urge all of our readers to be extra-vigilant while driving now that school is back in session — none of us wants to be responsible for a tragedy.

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