School Committee Investigation Expected to be Delivered Next Week

The School Committee’s independent investigation of the alleged sexual harassment by former Supt. Fred Foresteire is expected to be delivered in writing next week – and it appears that it will be a public document.

Attorney Regina Ryan has been running an independent investigation of the sexual harassment claims against Foresteire since last December, when the School Committee brought her on to do an exhaustive look at the claims. In the interim, she has interviewed scores of victims, witnesses and Foresteire as well.

For the last several weeks, there has been some concern that the document might be classified as “not discoverable,” meaning that the public would not be able to see the conclusions and findings within that investigative report.

However, this week School Committee Chair Tom Abruzzese said he expects the report sometime next week, and he has been informed by Committee Attorney Robert Galvin that it will be a public document – despite pending litigation and criminal charges.

“It should be coming by next week I’m told,” he said. “My understanding is if it’s written out, it’s going to be a public document. We had wondered if it might be an oral report given to us in Executive Session, but I am told it will be a written report. If it’s written, it is discoverable. My understanding is it will be a written report.”

Many questions abound as to what kind of ethical and legal implications that brings up, as she was long into her investigation when the current criminal charges were filed against Foresteire.

If the report is made public, there is some question about what might happen if that report uncovers additional, potential criminal charges.

Abruzzese said since they hired her and she began her investigation before the criminal charges were filed, that could make a difference in it being public.

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