Everett Officials List New Dates for Yard Waste

Yard waste will be collected on certain trash/recycling days

City of Everett

Dates for 2019-Yard Waste

Yard Waste will be collected on your trash/recycling day.

All dates are WEEK OF:

April – 22

May – 6, 20

June – 3, 17

July – 1, 15, 29

August – 12, 26

September – 9, 23

October – 7, 21

November – 4, 18

December – 2, 16, 30

Holiday Schedule – Whenever a scheduled collection day falls on a holiday, that day’s collection and all remaining collections for the week will be delayed one day – Friday’s collection will be on Saturday.

Rules to follow: Items must be placed curbside, no later than 7 a.m. Only clean yard waste packaged in brown paper bags or in barrels will be picked up. NO PLASTIC

BAGS. Clean yard waste includes: grass clippings, leaves and small branches (tied not taped). NO LARGE branches, rocks, dirt or broken pots please.

“Yard Waste” stickers are for barrels only. Stickers are not needed for paper bags. They are available at the Constituent Services Desk 1st floor, and the Mayor’s Office.

For Large Branch Removal – Call 617-394-2270 or 311 to schedule an appointment for the City mulcher truck.

Please contact the Constituent Service’s Office at 617-394-2270 with any questions

regarding recycling and or yard waste.

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