LETTER to the Editor

Remember that we are one team

Dear Editor,

Being a city councilor is a great honor and I take pride in representing the people of Everett. Each day I strive to work with my colleagues to maintain meaningful representation for each member of the community I love and call home. Four years ago, I made my first run for political office, campaigning on the idea of bringing civility and a common sense leadership style to the city council chambers. When I served as President of the Council in 2017, I fostered a respectful working environment and sought to maintain harmonious relations with every member of city government. 

As of late, different political agendas, purposely hurtful, and false reporting have sought to divide our community and have caused some to stray from civil discourse and healthy debate. Unfortunately, some have bought into the repeated falsehoods while in pursuit of forwarding their own agenda. These distractions are self-serving and only seek to tear apart the great progress we have seen in Everett. I will never allow mere propaganda to dictate the business we conduct at city hall.

I seek to remind all that we are one team – and that team is EVERETT. Our city is on the cusp of a great deal of positive change with major re-development happening everywhere we look. It’s going to take team work and the putting aside of political differences to get us there. It’s is our duty to be truthful to one another and to the residents of Everett. I look forward to what’s in store for our community and I sincerely hope my colleagues in city government share the same sentiments. Let’s move forward and conduct the business of the city.

Anthony DiPierroEverett City Councilor – Ward 3

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