DiDomenico Serves as Speaker at Women’s Bar Association Legislative Breakfast

Sen. Sal DiDomenico joined with Senate President Karen Spilka and a number of other elected officials to speak with the Women’s Bar Association (WBA). Every year, the WBA hosts a legislative breakfast in the Great Hall in order to meet with legislators and advocate for their legislative priorities. Sen. DiDomenico spoke to the members of the WBA about his bill, An Act to Lift the Cap on Kids (S.37), which is one of the WBA’s top priorities this legislative session.

 An Act to Lift the Cap on Kids, also known as Lift the Cap, would repeal the state’s family cap. The family cap denies TAFDC (Transitional Aid to Families with Dependent Children) to children conceived while – or soon after – the family received benefits.  This cap denies a child $100 a month in benefits plus an annual $300 clothing allowance. There are currently about 8,700 children in Massachusetts who are excluded from benefits because of when they were born.

 “We know that it’s time to take action and repeal this ineffective and unjust policy, and show that we value all children equally, regardless of the circumstances of their birth,” Sen. DiDomenico remarked. He also encouraged the members of the WBA to speak to their legislators regarding the policy, stating; “Do not simply ask your elected officials whether they support a bill or an issue. Ask them, ‘At what level do you support it?’”

 Last session, An Act to Lift the Cap on Kids passed the House and the Senate, but was amended by the Governor at the end of session. In addition to filling An Act to Lift the Cap on Kids, Sen. DiDomenico also filled An Act to Lift Kids out of Deep Poverty, which would increase TAFDC by 10 percent every year.

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