Exelon Has Had Discussions about Sale of Old Power Plant

Officials at Exelon said this week they have had conversations in the recent past with developers expressing interest in purchasing the old power plant site on Lower Broadway abutting the Alford Street Bridge.

Mark Rodgers, a spokesman for Exelon, said there is no official sales process in place, they have been approached about selling off the old, decommissioned part of the power plant – what was once known as Mystic generators 1 through 6.

“There is no official sales process, but there have been interested developers that have talked to us about portions of the facility no longer in active use,” he said. “We’ve had talks.”

Rodgers said there is no broker in place, and the property hasn’t been put on the market, but he said there has been interest from outside.

The property in question was once the Boston Edison plant, and features several towering smoke stacks and a vacant building. It was sold to Exelon in 1994, and has been unused for years. The facility fronts Lower Broadway directly across from the Encore Boston Harbor casino, and the City has not been shy in moving to promote something better on the site.


Last month, Mayor Carlo DeMaria said he would like to get the Designated Port Area (DPA) restriction removed from the property so they could create a more people-friendly development there. He said he would like to see a nice hotel that would be a great addition to the planned Entertainment District along Lower Broadway. City officials are also in the process this year of looking at the entire waterfront to see how things could be enhanced or changed, with the Exelon parcel in question being one piece of that review.

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