Rep. McGonagle Announces Sponsored Bills Filed in the 191st General Court

Rep. Joe McGonagle this week announced the filing of seven new bills he has sponsored for the 191st General Court of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Among some of the new bills are HD. 2907, An Act relative to seat belts on school buses, HD. 2909, An Act relative to the disability or death caused by post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), HD. 2912, An Act relative to Environmental Justice communities, HD. 2913, An Act relative to Opportunity Zones in Gateway Cities, and HD. 3066, An Act to further protect low-income tenants following termination of affordability restrictions. Highlights include:

•Protecting student safety. HD. 2907 would require all school buses transporting students to or from a public, vocational, private or parochial school to be equipped with a seatbelt for each permanent seat, ensuring the safety of each student.

•Supporting our first responders. HD. 2909 looks to recognize disabilities or death caused by PTSD as an on-the-job injury that can be sustained in the line of duty by firefighters, police officers and other emergency services personnel, allowing for those affected to receive proper treatment and benefits.

•Promoting environmental justice. HD. 2912 seeks to prioritize the funding of environmental projects in communities designated as “Environmental Justice Communities” that may benefit the most from funding opportunities.

•Assisting Gateway Cities. HD. 2913 would give Gateway Cities prioritized access to any technical assistance to market or promote Opportunity Zones, (areas in which individuals can gain favorable tax treatment on their capital gains), by investing those funds into economic activities in the area.

•Preserving housing affordability. HD. 3066 would extend the time period during which low-income tenants in housing developments with expiring affordability restrictions receive protection from dramatic rent increases. “First, I want to sincerely thank the people of Everett for re-electing me to a third term as your State Representative- it is a true honor to serve you,” said Rep. McGonagle. “After meeting with Mayor DeMaria and my constituents and listening to their concerns, I am proud to announce that I have filed seven pieces of legislation this session that will directly benefit the people and the City of Everett. These pieces of legislation aim to protect our environment, help low-income tenants, create more economic development in Gateway cities like Everett and support firefighters and their families. If you have any feedback or input, I would love to hear directly from you. Please do not hesitate to contact me,” McGonagle said. “I look forward to working hard on these issues, and many others, over the course of this legislative session.”

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