Sign of Things to Come:Encore Street Sign and Entrance Take Shape

For nearly two years, the Encore Boston Harbor site has looked like a site.

The Encore signature sign on Lower Broadway has gone up this week, a 72-foot-high sign that – unlike many things in Vegas – includes no neon.

Construction vehicles, rocks, mud and raw steel coming out of the ground. It was a place where work was getting done, albeit and the speed of light.

Now, however, the Encore Boston Harbor sign has gone up on Lower Broadway, and the entrance is beginning to take shape just north of Horizon Way. On the roadway, median strips have been laid out and paving is about to start in several days.

The site is quickly becoming the destination.

After a few weeks of work, the Encore Boston Harbor sign emerged on Lower Broadway as a reality check on what is to come in eight short months.

Spokesman Greg John said the sign is not flashy or full of neon, but dignified and “five-star.”

“Our experience starts when you drive up and see our sign and the landscaping out front,” he said. “We want it to be beautiful and spectacular. As good as it might look now, it will be much, much better by the time we open. I don’t think Encore would put up a sign that isn’t five-star. Everything we do represents luxury and elegance and doesn’t scream out Vegas. We’re not big on neon.”

The sign is 72 feet high and made by the same company, Yesco, that made the Encore signature letters on top of the tower building. The sign is an oval, cream and bronze colored, with the ‘Encore’ signature on both sides.

John said the design for the sign was similar to one that was in Las Vegas, but the Wynn Design and Development team put some unique features in the Everett sign.

“It was really designed to fit into the environment here,” said John. “When you’re on I-93 you see the building and there is a sense of amazement. We want to continue that sense of amazement when you drive up Rt. 99. It’s meant to create a sense of luxury before you step one foot in the building.”

That’s the case for the entire district, as he said the new median strips will be thoroughly landscaped next spring to reflect the landscaping that is now taking shape at the entrance.

John also gave credit to the City for helping to design the entrance and the sign to match the Lower Broadway plan.

“You have to credit the City of Everett too,” he said. “We worked closely with the City to make sure the design for the sign and the entrance was in line with the Lower Broadway Plan. There is a Lower Broadway plan which we have supported from day one and will continue to support. We don’t want to put something in there that doesn’t align with the area. We want to something that’s beautiful now and years from now.”

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