Gov Baker, ‘No on 1’ Big Winners in Everett

Everett followed the trend of the state in going all out for Republican Gov. Charlie Baker in Tuesday’s General Election – voting for Baker with 57 percent of the vote.

Challenger Jay Gonzalez, the Democrat in the race, received 42 percent of the vote, or 4,231 votes. Baker received 5,758 votes in Everett.

Gov. Baker has been popular in Everett and has made several visits over the past few years.

Statewide, Gov. Baker got 67 percent of the vote to Gonzalez’s 33 percent.

During his victory party at the Hynes Convention Center in the Back Bay, Baker said his administration will continue to build bi-partisan relationships to tackle the tough issues.

“The people of Massachusetts elected us four years ago to bring fiscal discipline, a reform-minded approach to governing, and a commitment to bipartisanship to state government,” he said. “We have done just that. Every single day. And today, the voters have spoken. They like what we are doing and they appreciate the way we work. So here’s the good news. That collaborative, purposeful and humble approach to governing is exactly what you are going to get from us and from our team for the next four years. Non-stop. Let’s rock.”

  • The biggest draw at the polls last Tuesday, however, was the race between U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Challenger Geoff Diehl, where 10,092 votes were cast – the largest number cast in any race on the night in Everett.

The race was interesting here due to the fact that the two public safety police unions in Everett had publicly backed Diehl, mostly due to comments made last summer by Warren disparaging those in the criminal justice system.

That support in Everett, though, didn’t seem to make the race any closer, with Warren winning 69 percent of the vote to Diehl’s 27 percent.

  • Though unopposed, both of the state elected officials on the ballot in Everett checked off quite a vote.

State Sen. Sal DiDomenico gathered 8,530 votes in Everett.

DiDomenico had a strong show of support throughout his district with an impressive vote of confidence in every corner of the Middlesex and Suffolk District.  The breakdown of his totals are as follows:  Cambridge (18,876 votes – 99.16%);  Boston neighborhoods of Charlestown, Allston, Brighton and the West End (12,549 votes – 98.50%); and Chelsea (5,409 votes – 98.20%).

“I want to thank the residents of the Middlesex and Suffolk District for their continued trust and confidence,” said DiDomenico. “It is an honor and privilege to be your State Senator and look forward to continuing the work we have started together.”

Sen. DiDomenico will be sworn back into the Senate this coming January and he serves as the body’s Assistant Majority Leader.

Meanwhile, State Rep. Joe McGonagle Jr. received 8,292 votes (98 percent) on Election Day as well.

McGonagle thanked the residents of Everett for returning him to office for another term, and said he plans to focus on priorities set out in the campaign, such as affordable housing.

  • On the questions, perhaps the most visible item on the ballot was Question 1 concerning mandated nurse staffing ratios. In what had been an expensive and confusing campaign for voters, the Question was defeated easily in Everett and statewide.

More than 9,000 votes were cast in Everett on Question 1, and the ‘no’ vote prevailed with 68 percent of the vote (6,372 votes).

Similar to the statewide results, Question 2 (campaign finance) and Question 3 (transgender legislation) also easily prevailed in Everett with 68 percent of the vote and 62 percent of the vote.

  • Congresswoman-elect Ayanna Pressley, who was unopposed, received 98 percent of the vote.

Meanwhile, Everett’s Terrence Kennedy just edged out challenger Vincent Dixon for the Governor’s Council seat.

All other state and county officeholders won easily or were unopposed.

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