Letter to the Editor

Reform needed

Dear Editor,

The opioid epidemic continues to rage across the state and the only way to take care of it is to make sure the people at the top are invested in solving it. This is unfortunately not the case with Senator Elizabeth Warren. She has ignored the problem for most of her term, even voting against $12 million in aid for Massachusetts by rejecting the 21st Cures Act. We can’t expect this to change since she is “giving a hard look” at running for President and has been focusing her efforts accordingly.

Only her opponent, Geoff Diehl, has been taking his planned response to this seriously. He has an approach that attacks every cause for the crisis, from stopping the flow of illegal drugs to funding alternative non-addictive pain treatments to assisting families rehabilitate their loved ones. Diehl has shadowed with responding cops and ambulance crews to opioid related emergencies so he could experience the impact it has on residents first-hand. Diehl even won the endorsement of the Everett Police Patrolmen’s Association, who have to deal with overdoses, illegal drugs, and the human suffering caused by opioids daily.

If we want to put an end to this crisis we need politicians that have feasible and solid plans to create the necessary reforms needed to stop it. The longer it takes to solve, the more people across Massachusetts have to suffer and lose loved ones, so we can’t afford someone more focused on moving up the political ladder. It’ll require their full attention and devotion while in office, which only senate candidate Geoff Diehl can provide.


Shawn Nagle

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