In Case You Have Not Noticed

The Alford Street Bridge is under repair — again.

This is the second time in the last decade that this bridge is being repaired, and the commuters are the ones that will have bear the inconvenience with much longer commuting time.

With the traffic going down to one lane in each direction to and from Boston, this busy throughfare will become more of a bottleneck than it usually is during the morning and afternoon commutes.

Some motorists  will just suffer through this inconvenience, others have already started to find a new commuting route.

However, the alternate routes are not any better.  On a Monday through Friday morning commute, Route 1 into Boston heading over the Tobin Bridge was usually backed up beyond the Sargent Street onramp in Revere before the Alford Street Bridge repairs had even started.

The good news if there is any, is that is estimated that the repairs will be done by April 30, 2019, not the years that the first round of repairs.

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