The Lights Are On: Work Moves Inside on the Hotel Tower, Lobby Areas

The last of the cranes on the Encore Boston Harbor site have been taken down, and now the focus of the work has moved inside to the finishes in the rooms and lobby areas.

Greg John, of Encore, said they took down the last of the cranes last week, and it was a signal for work to proceed inside. Cranes have been on site since August 2016, with as many as 16 cranes on site at one time. With the structure topping off early last summer, and the bronze glass curtain now completed, there was no longer any need for cranes on site.

“The cranes did come down last week and you won’t see any more cranes on the site,” he said. “We are done with that aspect of the work…We’re still up around 1,600 workers per day. There is a shift now of workers towards the finish laborers, the carpet layers, sheetrock hangers, electricians and carpenters…For many of the rooms, this is essentially the final touches before we open.”

While work goes on around the clock still, if one drives by at night, it can be easily observed that the finish work is up to about the fifth floor of rooms. Lights illuminate the five-star rooms and workers pounding out the details can be seen inside.

Already, the heating system and air conditioning systems are operational, John said, and that allows them to do things like paint and apply the moldings.

“A lot of this work is climate controlled and has to be done in a climate controlled environment,” he said. “For instance, you can’t paint when it’s too hot or too cold or you’ll have issues…That’s why we did the back of the house first a year ago. That’s so we could work through the winter inside. Everything is running exactly on schedule.”


The Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) agenda for Thursday, Sept. 27, contains an agenda item regarding the coordination of the Wynn investigation. While there will be no substantive discussion of the issues, the MGC Legal Division will appear before the Commission to discuss when and how to publicly roll out the Wynn investigation – which has been ongoing since last spring.


The frame of the outside sign for Encore Boston Harbor has gone up over the past week, framing what will be a relatively modest sign for the resort compared to its counterpart in Las Vegas.

The sign faces both sides of Lower Broadway and will be oval shaped, but won’t contain a lot of bright, flashing lights as in Las Vegas. The sign structure is opposite where the former Freightliner building used to sit.

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