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Thank you

Joseph McGonagle

To the Editor:

On behalf of everyone at For Kids Only – Everett’s Afterschool Program (FKO), I would like to thank State Representative Joseph W. McGonagle Jr. for his recent contribution of Red Sox tickets for children in our summer programs. As FKO’s Executive Director, I deeply appreciate his willingness to partner again with FKO this year to support disadvantaged youth.

Many of the children served at FKO come from low-income families who often struggle to make ends meet. Representative McGonagle’s generous donations allowed our students, some of whom have never been to Fenway Park, a magical summer outing. This kindness touched the hearts of the children, their families, and all of the staff team at FKO.

FKO could not truly meet its mission without supporters like him! Thank you again Representative.

Deborah Kneeland Keegan

Executive Director, For Kids Only Afterschool



I love Everett

To the Editor:

Everett, I simply want to say thank you. This past election was very tough and it required a lot of hard work to be so close. It brought out an incredible movement that I was able to be part of. I knocked on more than 7,000 doors personally and spoke to many residents about their concerns, which brought the truth to how this was a grassroots campaign, not driven by special political interest.

When I first decided to run in 2016, people did not take me seriously and thought my vision was a joke. You showed that education, good jobs and quality of life is a priority here.

The truth is I do not know what’s next politically for me. This race took a lot of sacrificing from growth in my MBA, my career at work and most importantly from my family. I do hope that our current elected officials, especially our State Representative, listen to everyone in Everett. At the end of the day, everyone matters and should have a voice.

I love Everett and it’s my home. The love and appreciation I have received has been amazing. As always, feel free to contact me at 617-835-8267 or [email protected].

Gerly Adrien

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