Council Approves Encore Parking Plan, Holds up on Solar and Capital Improvements

The Everett City Council met in a special session on Monday night to review three matters, most prominently the Encore Boston Harbor temporary parking plan on Lower Broadway – which hit a snag last week when the votes weren’t there for the second reading.

The plan had already been approved last month on the first vote, but as per City Charter a second vote has to take place to engross the ordinance. That is usually a non-news vote on most occasions, but last week there weren’t enough votes on hand to make the matter pass.

So it was tabled.

On Monday, the Council had just enough votes to get the matter back on top again. With some councilors out on business and Councilor Mike Marchese recusing himself, the necessary eight votes materialized narrowly.

Councilor Fred Capone voted against the matter, making it an 8-1 approval.

Encore plans to park upwards of 800 cars temporarily on the now-clear lots across from its resort casino site for three years maximum. After that, the plan is to develop the property into an accompanying hotel complex.

Meanwhile, the Council and Mayor Carlo DeMaria had too many lingering questions about the solar power contract that came up last week as well.

Without being able to easily answer some basic questions about savings and price locks, the matter was tabled.

The Council also laid on the table the $9.3 million vote on the Capital Improvement Plan that has been outlined for the year. That matter will come back before the Council at next Monday’s meeting.

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