Foresteire Commends EHS Student-Athletes for the Football Program’s 800th All-Time Win

Supt. of Schools Frederick Foresteire is commending all the student-athletes who have worn the Everett High football uniform for helping the school reach the 800th victory milestone.

Everett’s 34-21 win over Xaverian Friday night in head coach Theluxon Pierre’s debut made it 800 football victories in school history. When you consider Everett has been playing football for a century, it means the program has been averaging eight wins a year, which is, well, anything but average.

Everett is the only school in Massachusetts that has 800 victories.

“It’s obviously a special milestone,” said Foresteire. “It’s just so much part of Everett’s history. I think it’s a credit to the young people that have come through and the ones that are here now. You cannot win unless you have good kids. You have to have good players, but you also have to be a good kid. This milestone just shows the type of young men that have come through this community over the last 100 years.”

Foresteire has been the Bob Kraft of the program’s dynastic reign over Massachusetts. Working with legendary head coach John DiBiaso, whom Foresteire brought on board, the superintendent has provided the exceptional leadership at the top that has made Everett the preeminent program in the Bay State. The two-time defending Super Bowl champions are currently ranked No. 1 in all polls and No. 10 in the East by the USA Today newspaper.

Foresteire is proud of the many Everett High football players who have excelled here, earned college scholarships, and played college football. Just as an example, Everett has two players, All-American safety Lukas Denis and freshman defensive back Jason Maitre, competing for the Division 1 Boston College Eagles this season.

While Foresteire said he was excited about Pierre’s successful debut and win over the No. 2 Xaverian Hawks, he is looking ahead to the imminent challenge to Everett’s supremacy from the highly rated Mansfield High School Green Hornets.

Mansfield, led by coach Mike Redding, is one of the best teams in the state. Many on the South Shore are calling the Everett-Mansfield intersectional showdown the biggest regular season game in Mansfield history. The crowd (There will be a ceremony dedicating a “Hero’s Corner” at the field to war veterans) could surpass the massive turnout in Lexington that was there for Everett’s win over the Minutemen in the Division 1 North playoffs last November.

“I just hope that our players get up for this game like they were against Xaverian,” said Foresteire, who has organized two Everett fan buses for the game. “There’s a lot of pressure to keep this thing going, but they’re good kids and I’m sure they’re going to be able to rise to the occasion.”

And that would mean Victory No. 801 for the Everett High Crimson Tide.

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