Coco’s Owner Seeks Justice in Death of Dog Last Week

Mike Ciaburri loved his dog Coco, and Coco gave that love back 1,000 times over.

Mike Ciaburri with his late dog, Coco, during happier times. Coco was allegedly killed at a home on Hoyt Street on Sept. 3 by a Peabody man. Ciaburri said he is grateful to Mayor Carlo DeMaria and the Everett Police for taking the matter so seriously.

There were the days in the snow when Coco would bury her face over and over in the snow and jump around excitedly.

There were trips to the lake when Ciaburri would watch her bravely dive off the boat into the water.

It was three years of devoted companionship.

But these times are all memories now as Ciaburri is dealing with the fact that his beloved canine companion, Coco, was killed on Sunday, Sept. 2, in the backyard of a Hoyt Street home. A Peabody man has been charged with killing the dog, as Everett Police arrived on scene to find what appeared to be the aftermath of an assault on the dog.

“I have no clue why he did it,” said Ciaburri. “They’re saying she fell down the stairs. On the video, police say he broke her jaw and threw her against the wall. Because it’s an ongoing investigation, I don’t have a lot of information. I wasn’t able to see her or find out too much. What I really want is justice for her.”

Ciaburri said his ex-wife had Coco that weekend and the suspect, Steven Severino, is his ex-wife’s new boyfriend. He said he is very grateful with how the police and Mayor Carlo DeMaria have treated the case with great seriousness.

“I’m so grateful about how everyone’s treating it and taking this seriously,” he said. “I’m glad they were able to get there in time and arrest him. Otherwise, he could have said that’s how he found her and nothing would have happened to him. I was very angry when I first heard, but now the pain has set in. Yesterday, I went to the Everett Police and adopted a rescue puppy. I figure now that if Coco’s death allowed me to save another dog, then something good has come out of this.”

Ciaburri said his dog was a Pomeranian Yorkie Poodle that he had for three years before she was killed. He remembers her as being loveable and playful and liking to lay with him on the coach as he read.

“I loved her every day I had her and she gave it back 10,000 times over,” he said.

Ciaburri said he wants to thank the Everett Police, particularly Animal Control Officer StaciaGorgone.

Above all, he warned pet owners to be careful who they leave their pets with.

“Pets aren’t just animals; they are a part of the family,” he said. “If you’re going to leave them in someone else’s care, make sure they treat them like they would your child. Would you let your kids go with someone you really didn’t know? I hope everyone can take that from this.”

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