McGonagle Prevails in Tight Rep Race

State Rep. Joe McGonagle took home a solid win Tuesday night in a three-way race that primarily saw him battling it out with challenger GerlyAdrien most of the night.

McGonagle prevailed 42 percent (1,968 votes) to Adrien’s 39 percent (1,800 votes).

Challenger Steve ‘Stat’ Smith was not a factor in the race for most of the night, getting only 19 percent of the vote, or 893 votes.

“I’m extremely grateful for the support I received,” said McGonagle after the results became official. “It was a tough campaign and I’m a better State Representative because of it. My opponents ran a great race and I applaud their efforts. I’m looking forward to continuing to deliver for the people of Everett.”

It was an Election Day that saw far higher turnout than most expected – it begin the day after Labor Day and a day with smothering hot temperatures. Many had expected a turnout of about 2,500 votes, but in the end nearly 5,000 voters came out to the polls.

The race between McGonagle and Adrien was very close for most of the night.

The first result read at City Hall (4-2 Glendale Towers) had Adrien winning, but the second result read off (4-1 Lafayette School) was solidly in McGonagle’s camp.

It was like that most of the night, going back and forth.

The differences popped up at the community center on Whittier Drive (3-1), where McGonagle beat Adrien 242 to 166. That was also the case in 6-2 (City Services Building, Village) where McGonagle beat Adrien 183 to 117.

Adrien won precincts 1-2 (Parlin Library), 2-1 (Keverian School), 2-2 (Keverian School), 4-2 (Glendale Towers), 5-1 (English School), 5-2 (City Hall) and tied McGonagle in 6-1 (English School).

McGonagle won precincts 1-1 (Connolly Center), 3-1 (Community Center), 3-2 (Rec Center), 4-1 (Lafayette School), and 6-2 (City Services/Village).

Smith didn’t win any precincts Tuesday night.

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