Get Ready to Get Bombed on the Bus…with Flowers

Everett is ready to try just about anything new and fun, and next week that will include a flower bomb for certain bus stops.

On Tuesday, Aug. 14, some bus stops in Everett on Broadway will be bombed with flowers Ð what is described as a lush and eye-popping display set up by a florist recently named as a Best of Boston recipient.

“It’s going to be quite lush, from what I understand,” said Adrian Gill of Ad Hoc Industries, which is working with the Barr Foundation to do several Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) initiatives in Everett. “Typically transportation initiatives are really about the function and then the stats. What gets lost is that it’s not the most interesting thing to engage in. Maybe it is for those already riding, but those who might be in cars, there’s no reason to try it because it’s not very exciting. It’s presented in a very, very functional way. That’s part of the struggle. There is really nothing sexy about it at all in the presentation.”

That’s where Everett comes in.

Gill had proposed it several times, but no one else had ever bit on the idea. The City, however, was more than happy to be the first.

“For Everett, this has been really, really exciting because the mayor and Jay Monti are fearless,” he said. “They want to do everything. So many other municipalities would be tentative about it. They’re saying to bring it on. They really want to be first. That’s what I love about Everett. They’re really serious about transportation and really serious about BRT and the biggest thing is they are really open to new and innovative things.”

What will be sexy, new and innovative at Everett bus stops is a flower bomb that will include numerous types of flowers all over and on top and on the sides of the bus shelter presented by Boston Pollen’s Krissy Price. It’s something Gill said they hope will make people stop and make their wait a little less torturous.

“It’s a win for everybody,” he said. “We’re executing on a new idea that will generate a lot of attention for Everett and put BRT into a different light. The bus has a negative stigma and the more excitement you get around the bus, the better it is. The negativity with the bus is about waiting. Maybe we can get into a place where you don’t mind waiting. It’s something nice to look at, it smells good and makes the wait much more tolerable.”

Gill’s company is also responsible for the new graphics that have recently appeared on the bus stops.

For the flower bomb, he said crews will be out to install the flowers on the night of Aug. 13 so that they will be ready for the Aug. 14 commuteÉand beyond.

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