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Playoffs Begin for the Everett Little League

Playoffs Begin for the Everett Little League

By Jonathan Chang


After an exciting regular season, the Everett Little League playoffs began on Monday, June 18 with the Minor League.

“It’s been an outstanding season,” said George Castiello, president of Everett Little League. “The kids are having a great time.”

Much of this season’s excitement came from the Major League’s battle for the top seed between the Red Sox and the White Sox. While the Red Sox recorded more wins, the White Sox tied in total points—a win counts for two points, while a tie counts for one.

However, the tiebreaker went to the White Sox, who beat the Red Sox three out of four times during the season. In the Minor League, the Astros took the top seed.

The season saw several changes, first of which occurred in Little Leagues all across the country: the new USABat standard. The bat change came in effect in 2018 and was a controversial issue nationally due to their expensive but inevitable costs. On the field, the new bats seem to have reduced the number of home runs, Castiello said.

However, a major change unique to Everett Little League this season was the new turf field at Sacramone Park. Playing on turf was different, but the players stepped up and adjusted to the new field, Castiello said.

“I wonder what will happen when we start playing on the grass fields in other parks during the Jimmy Fund program,” he said. “How are they going to react to that?”

All in all, the changes were positive, Castiello said, but the lack of concession stands proved to be financially detrimental, as they were formerly used to pay the empires.

After the playoffs, the league will also feature teams heading off to the Jimmy Fund Tournament soon after. Over the last five years, the league has raised over $100,000, Castiello said.

“We have a great support system with the parents and the kids.”

The Little League’s ultimate goal, however, is the Little League World Series held in South Williamsport, Pa. Everett’s All Stars will take their first step towards that goal when they compete in the District 12 Tournament on July 5 against the winners of East Boston and Somerville.

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