Woods Memorial Bridge Construction Coming to a Close

The old Woods Memorial Bridge over Route 16 on the Everett/Medford line was the kind of rickety old machine that time left behind 50 years ago.

Not for nothing that it was used heavily with patchwork metal grates over the former drawbridge pieces until two summers ago when construction truly ramped up.

Over the past two years, this major feeder for the Mystic Valley has been completely renovated at a cost of $81.3 million – including shared use paths underneath the bridge to connect the Greenway plans – and it’s soon coming to a close.

Construction began in November 2015 and is currently 91 percent complete.

The project is expected to achieve Full Beneficial Use in summer 2018. Plantings and landscaping work will then be carried out, and Substantial Completion will be reached in fall 2018.

The project is currently in Stage 4 Construction which is the construction of a permanent median barrier. All major bridge construction is complete.

The remaining work includes completing the permanent median barrier, final sidewalk improvements along Route 16 and Rivers Edge Drive, construction of the shared-use paths along the Malden River, final paving, and landscaping.

The shared-use path is highly anticipated and wraps around underneath either side of the Malden River bridge. The shared-use paths will be 10-feet-wide public paths constructed along each bank of the Malden River under the Woods Memorial Bridge. These paths will connect the existing pathway systems along the river to the new bike lanes and widened sidewalks along Route 16 that are being constructed under this project.

The revamp falls in line with the complete overhaul of the infrastructure in the area by the state and the Encore Boston Harbor casino – more easily connecting pedestrians, bicycles and automobiles to areas that were once ‘can’t get there from here’ territory.

The $81.3 million project consists of the replacement of two bridges carrying Revere Beach Parkway (Route 16) over the Malden River (Woods Memorial Bridge) and over the MBTA/Rivers Edge Drive.

The project also includes the reconstruction and widening of a half-mile segment of Revere Beach Parkway and reconstruction of the signalized intersection of Rivers Edge Drive with the entrance road to the MBTA Wellington station and the interconnecting on and off ramps.

The sidewalks within the project limits are being reconstructed and new access ramps are also being installed.

The existing storm-water drainage system along the corridor is being replaced and new storm-water outfall water-quality-treatment features are being constructed.

The project includes the construction of paved multi-use paths connecting to the existing and future path systems and adjacent sidewalks.

The project also includes extensive landscaping.

The portion of Revere Beach Parkway (Route 16) under this project is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Of note is there will be intermittent lane closures during non-peak hours and during overnight periods as needed throughout the remainder of the project.

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