DeMaria Joins in Celebration of Landline Trail

Mayor Carlo DeMaria joined members of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council (MAPC) and the Baker Administration along the Northern Strand Community Trail to celebrate the unveiling of the Landline Trail and Greenway Plan that connects 1,400 miles of trails and greenways throughout the Boston Region.

A group of bicyclists rode along four community trails, which included the Malden Riverwalk, the Northern Strand Community Trail, Chelsea Greenway, and the East Boston Greenway.

As they approached Everett, Mayor DeMaria greeted them along the trail to welcome them and discuss future plans. The Mayor provided them with an update on Everett’s part of the trail and the future extension of the path. The City of Everett is seeking to build upon the success of the northern sections of the Northern Strand Community Path by continuing it to the Mystic River. The extension of the Northern Strand to the south will provide a connection for residents and commuters alike to the Gateway Center, Encore Boston Harbor, and destinations across the river in Somerville and Boston.


Mayor DeMaria stated, “The extension of the Northern Strand Community Trail represents a major opportunity for the City of Everett and its residents. Multi-use bike paths that connect significant destinations can bring increased economic vitality, improved quality of life, and better community health outcomes by providing easy access to physical activity.”

Connecting Everett to the City of Boston via a comfortable and safe multi-use path would create a more affordable, healthier, and more enjoyable commute options for hundreds of commuters, and a recreational outlet for hundreds more. The Northern Strand is also an essential section of a much larger vision for a connected statewide bicycle network.

Steve Winslow, co-founder of Bike to Sea, stated, “The members of Bike to the Sea are truly excited about this important step to connect the Northern Strand Community Trail into the regional trail system. We thank Mayor DeMaria, the City of Everett and the Mass Gaming Commission for supporting the realization of the vision we have worked on for 25 years.”

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