Candidate Gerly Adrien Will Bring Finance Experience to the House

Gerly Adrien, candidate for State Representative, has a love for finance and business management that started at the age of 14.

Her first insight was at the Department of Education in the Special Education Department. As a summer intern, she improved the department’s finances in the office. Her commitment to help people started early and has always been in her heart, particularly in government.

This continued at the Department of Navy headquarters, where Adrien was able to resolve issues and implement policies to help enhance the office of the Inspector General.

“When I was on the submarine and saw where our Navy men and women slept and ate, I was even more proud of their courage, their bravery and more importantly, their love for our country,” she said.

Currently, as the Finance and Grants Manager for the Cancer and Sickle Cell Department at Boston Medical Center, Adrien enjoys her role in aiding doctors and researchers to continue helping their patients.

Adrien said she strives to improve the education, health, safety and economic security of communities around the Commonwealth for children, individual, families and seniors. Adrien plans to advocate for more state funding to help residents and various public services in the City of Everett. With years of fiscal experience under her belt, Adrien will fight to bring them the money and resources that they deserve.

Not only is she comfortable managing city, state and federal funding, but also Adrien said she is experienced in risk management and auditing. She raised more than $275,000 in her work experiences and for charities.

With a degree from Bentley University and being a Master’s of Business Administration candidate at Boston University, Adrien is well equipped to manage Everett taxpayers’ hard-earned money at the state level.

The primary election for Everett’s State Representative will be held on Tuesday, September 4. Check out her website, and contact Gerly Adrien at 617-835-8267 or email at [email protected].

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