State Rep Candidate Gerly Adrien Puts Out Ways to Decrease Homelessness

Gerly Adrien, candidate for state representative, has been discussing homelessness on the campaign trail.

Homelessness is affecting families and individuals in Everett. In Massachusetts, the number of homeless families has more than doubled in nine years, an increase that’s among the highest in the nation, according to a report released by the Boston Foundation.

More than 33,000 families — or more than 100,000 people — have spent at least one night in a homeless shelter since 2008. Many children are amongst the numbers of the increase in homelessness.

“We have to make changes that will improve the lives of everyone who is struggling,” Adrien said. “With the cost of living increasing in Massachusetts, let’s work together to help each other out as a community.”

When Adrien thinks about what’s the action plan around ensuring we can decrease homelessness, she thinks more can be done at the state level that our representative isn’t doing, she said.

“We must increase affordable housing, the budget for the rental assistance programs, and support homelessness prevention programs,” she said.

In 2016, Gerly Adrien ran for State Representative for the 28th Middlesex District as a first-time candidate with no name recognition and fell just 600 votes short of winning. She is running again to continue the fight to improve education, economic development and quality of life for the people of Everett.

“We need strong, new leadership, who will actually produce results and not just talk,” she said. “I am proud to run for this seat because Everett needs a real leader who will take a stand for us, especially on our financial needs.”

The Democratic primary election date is Tuesday, September 4. She looks forward to meeting and listening to you. Please call her at 617-835-8267 or email at [email protected] if you have further questions.

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