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Gerly Adrien Discusses Importance of Education


Dear Editor,

State Rep. Joe McGonagle’s recent public comments calling into question my ability to represent Everett due to my educational attainments are out of touch with the values of the Everett families, who work hard and sacrifice every day so that their children can get an education.

As the first in my immediate family to obtain a college degree, I know what these sacrifices look like firsthand, and will never forget my roots.

I am a proud graduate of Bentley University. I worked 30 hours a week at BJ’s Wholesale Club in Medford while attending school full-time.

I will never be ashamed of my education. I will always thank my parents, my mentors, my professors and even my BJ’s managers, who gave me the courage to succeed and believed in me.

With the recently announced $9 million budget shortfall in Everett’s public schools, now is not the time to be diminishing the value of education.

I know that education is the key to success for our nation’s young people and the cornerstone of any strong community. I support a quality public education system and post-secondary educational opportunities, including community college, military, entrepreneurship and vocational training. I will work to make sure that every child in Massachusetts has access to a quality education, including higher education, regardless of their zip code.

I will fight for fair state funding for school districts, expansion of Pre-K programs, expansion of job training programs that meet the needs of our new economy, and affordable higher education options for our children. I’ve seen firsthand how a good education can allow anyone to reach their full potential.

Please call me, Gerly Adrien, personally at 617.835.8267, email at [email protected] or visit  www.GerlyAdrien.com for more information. The Democratic Primary election date is Tuesday, Sept. 4.


Gerly Adrien

Candidate for

state representative

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