Curve Appeal: Wynn Boston Harbor Now Installing Iconic Curved Escalators

An ordinary development might simply go for the straight escalators in the lobby at a cost of about $400,000, but leave it to Wynn Boston Harbor to make even the escalators into a piece of art – installing specialized curved escalators this week at a cost of $5.4 million.

The new and long-discussed curved escalators in the lobby of Wynn Boston Harbor have arrived and crews are busy getting them put in place this week. While a normal set of escalators costs around $400,000, these special curved ones cost $5.4 million.It’s part of turning the ordinary into art, officials said.

“That’s one of the themes of the entire project – turning ordinary things into art,” said Greg John, spokesman for Wynn Boston Harbor. “You’ll see that all over Wynn Boston Harbor… It’s going to be the first thing a guest sees when they enter the lobby. Again, it’s something you’ll see all over Wynn Boston Harbor. That’s the difference in a five-star, $2.4 billion resort.”

The curved escalators go from the first floor lobby to the second-floor mezzanine, and are made by only one company in the world – Mitsubishi. The special curvature requires very specific manufacturing and even more specific installation and maintenance techniques. Hence, the $5.4 million price-tag.

The escalators have long been talked about in the company, even long before construction started, because they will be a focal point at the heralded entrance. That entrance has long been enhanced by the mascot of the new casino resort – that being the $28 million statue of Popeye the Sailor man.

“The intent was certainly to make this more than an escalator; these curved escalators are meant to be the frames for the Popeye statue,” John said. “Guests will be greeted by that, and it will invite interaction and fun right from the start.”

This week and last week the installation of the specialized escalators began. However, before that could even happen, crews from Mitsubishi in Japan were on site doing precise measurements – going so far as getting on their hands and knees with rulers.

“There is no margin for error on these,” said John. “To see this crew on their hands and knees to do these precise measurements was amazing to see. Because of the curve, everything has to be exact and right on target.”

And right on target is where Wynn Boston Harbor is at, John said.

While other news has been going on at the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC), the project in Everett has been full steam ahead. This week, he said, they hit the milestone of having 1,400 workers on site per day. That means they are almost at peak construction levels.

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