Everett native to celebrate new book, help Samaritans, in event at Night Shift

Everett native Steve Doyle will be returning to his hometown next week to promote his recently published mystery thriller book, ‘Drag.’

And when he settles in for the event at Night Shift Brewery, he’ll literally be right at home.

“I grew up literally 500 yards from the brewery in the heart of the Village,” he said. “Both of my parents grew up in the Village. Santilli Circle was named after my uncle…This story came from personal experience, but it’s not a biography or a monologue. It was therapeutic for me when I started, but I’ve been able now to turn it into a complete work. It has a lot of the characters from Everett and the neighborhoods and streets too.”

The event on Jan. 23, from 7-9 p.m., at Night Shift will support the work of the Samaritans and suicide prevention, Doyle said. All of the proceeds from the night will be going to support the Samaritan’s organization of Boston and Night Shift Brewing will be donating a portion of their sales for the evening as well. The book signing event is also to celebrate the launch and recently released novel.

The novel is a dark and suspenseful story depicting the sociopathic tendencies of its main character, Vincent, while highlighting the landscape of the city Everett, and other parts of the North Shore, including Revere. The details are sharp, the characters evoke relatable tragedy, and the story is gripping and refreshingly unpredictable, said Doyle.

An accountant by day for a non-profit in Lincoln, the Pope John High School graduate said he started writing for the therapy of it all. He had toyed with the story in ‘Drag’ for many years, but really refined it when he took on a writing partner, Sarah Adams, to help him refine it.

“Some time ago I came up with the story and played around with it for a number of years,” he said. “I recently challenged myself to complete it and was able to do it with my co-author…I had a story that was a little rusty and she was able to come in and give it depth and pulled the story together to make it a novel.”

So far, they have gotten some good attention, with the book being a top choice at the Hollihock Writers Conference in New Bedford. It was also written about in a blog by Cambridge Editors.

Writing under the pen name Domenic D. Augustus, Doyle said he is happy to return to Everett for the night – having attended the Adams School in the Village and St. Anthony’s School as well.

“There are a lot of things about Everett in the book; the LNG will certainly play a roll,” he said. “Everett was a wonderful place to grow up. Everyone knew everybody. You know where to go and not to go. There was a game to be had everywhere.”

The book is currently available on Amazon or at the authors site www.writtenraw.com ($5 of with coupon code drag5).

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