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Council amends zoning code, bans marijuana shops

The Everett City Council on Monday took advantage of a provision in the state law creating legalized marijuana shops in Massachusetts and voted to ban the establishment of such enterprises within the city of Everett.

The city was able to take that action, because the state legislature offered municipalities which had voted against the 2016 ballot question that legalized marijuana shops, the right to ban the shops within their borders, by adopting zoning language.

Monday night’s vote was the culmination of several months of work by the Everett Planning Board and the Everett City Council, each of whom had to hold public hearings on the issue and vote to establish the zoning ban.


MGC CALLS FOR STUDY OF SPORTS BETTING                                             

During the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) meeting on Thursday, Dec. 7, Executive Director Bedrosian called for a White Paper study to investigate all aspects of sports betting in the Commonwealth.

That came after oral arguments were heard last week at the US Supreme Court regarding whether or not to continue the prohibition on sports betting in all locales except Nevada. Were sports betting to open up nationwide, advocates say it would be an additional $150 billion in gaming revenues. Wynn Las Vegas already operates a world-renowned Racing and Sports Book. Were it eventually able to operate something similar in Everett, it would likely mean hundreds of millions more in gaming revenues per year.



Schlosberg, Lambert appointed as Library Trustees

The Everett City Council made two appointments to the Board of Library Trustees Monday night as Michaela Schlosberg and Samantha Lambert were each appointed to three-year terms that end in December 2020.


Council accepts donations

The Everett City Council voted accept several donations to a variety of charitable accounts on Monday night including donations to purchase toys for the annual toy drive and to the Human Services Donation account.

The following donations were accepted.

$1,000 from Everett Car Service to help purchase toys

$2,500 from Schnitzer Steel to help purchase toys

$200 from Jack McGrath to the Humans Services Donation Account

$10,000 from Lester Morovitz to the Human Services Donation Account

Additionally, the Council accepted five (5) $20 McKinnon’s gift cards from Tony and Linda DiSalvatore and four (4) $25 Target gift cards. The gift cards will be distributed to families in need during the holiday season.


Everett patrolman Gilmore promoted to sergeant

The Everett Council voted unanimously Monday night to promote Patrolman Jeff Gilmore to the rank of sergeant in the Everett Police Department, as Gilmore’s family and fellow police officers looked on.

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