Wynn Off-Site Road Improvements Begin this Week in Everett, Charlestown

By Seth Daniel

The long-awaited road improvements in areas surrounding the Wynn Boston Harbor casino site will begin this week, with preliminary work continuing through the winter season.

Significant work on the roads, such as Sweetser Circle and Sullivan Square, will not begin until the early spring of next year.

“Contractors have been chosen and preliminary work will start this week on roadway improvements associated with the opening of Wynn Boston Harbor in 2019,” read a statement from the Wynn For All campaign, which alerts residents about coming work on the off-site improvements. “Please note that contractors will be completing preparatory engineering and site work only throughout the fall and winter seasons. There should be minimal impact on traffic during these times with minor encroachment on travel lanes and sidewalks from temporary work barriers.”

Off-site traffic improvements were required as part of the state Environmental regulatory (MEPA) certificate, with the types and levels of off-site improvements spelled out in that certificate. Most of the off-site road improvements – minus the long-term Sullivan Square improvements – are to be completed by the June 2019 opening of the casino.

Updates on roadwork and construction activities can be found at wynnforall.com.

Starting last week, the following work was scheduled to start and continue in various locations as noted below.


Route 16 –

  • Work will begin at Sweetser Circle.
  • The work include the installation of new wheelchair ramps.
  • This will be done with small crews working in small isolated areas off-roadway or on the shoulder during off-peak hours.
  • The proposed work zones will reduce travel lane widths, but will not close any existing travel lanes.


Route 16 –

  • Work will begin at the intersection of Mystic Ave (Route 38) and the Mystic Valley Parkway (Route 16) and Harvard Street in Medford.
  • The work will include minor repairs to the center median and installation of new wheelchair ramps and crosswalk striping on the south side of the intersection across Mystic Ave.
  • The anticipated duration of this work is approximately one (1) week.


Sullivan Square –

  • Work will begin on the southbound side of Alford Street prior to entering the Sullivan Square Rotary. This Alford Street work starts just past the Rutherford Avenue split up to and including the intersection of Alford Street with Arlington Avenue.
  • The work will include installation of concrete barrier for temporary pedestrian routes, demolition of existing sidewalk and curbing, and installation of new curbing and sidewalk.
  • The proposed work zones will reduce travel lane widths, but will not close any existing travel lanes.
  • The anticipated duration of this work is approximately six (6) weeks.



Alford Street/Broadway (Route 99) –

  • Preliminary site investigations will begin on Alford Street/Broadway.

•The anticipated duration of this work is approximately two (2) weeks.

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