Everett Sees Extremely Close Vote in At-Large Council Race:Simonelli Prevails over Martins in Ward 2

By Seth Daniel

The winners of the night in a tight race included Councilors Michael McLaughlin, Stephen Simonelli, Rich Dell Isola, Peter Napolitano, and John Hanlon. State Sen. Sal DiDomenico was on hand to congratulate them.

The City Election on Tuesday night saw an extremely close race in the City Council at-large race, most especially between the final two spots – which were decided by fewer than 30 votes as Councilors Peter Napolitano and Richard Dell Isola edged out Councilor Cynthia Sarnie for the final two positions.

The at-large race featured a return to the top of the ticket for Councilor Wayne Matewsky, who led the pack for the second straight election with 1,788 votes.

Second place went to Councilor John Hanlon with 1,684 votes, and Mike Marchese made a return to the body with 1,623 votes in third place.

Then it got tricky.

Fourth place went to Councilor Peter Napolitano with 1,410 votes.

Then came Councilor Rich Dell Isola with 1,394 votes, just 16 behind and landing in the final spot.

Just 12 votes behind Dell Isola was Sarnie at 1,382.

Then it went in order to Stephanie Smith (1,299), Catherine Tomassi Hicks (1,207), Joe LaMonica (869), and Barrett (455).

In the only other contested race in Ward 2, Councilor Stephen Simonelli returned to the Council in beating challenger Stephanie Martins. Numbers were not available at press time, but it was believed he won by about 200 votes.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria finished in an uncontested race 3,168 votes.

In the end, the only change on the Council was Marchese taking the seat that Sarnie occupied.

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