Council Candidates Participate in First Immigration Issue Voter Guide

By Seth Daniel

The Everett Safe and Welcoming City Coalition has put together its first voter’s guide on immigration issues for the coming City Election in Everett.

The Safe and Welcoming City Coalition was formed this year in March by several immigrant-led organizations and other members of the community. It is championed by La Communidad and has a mission to bring immigrants and U.S.-born residents together.

This election cycle, they have produced a voter’s guide on five immigration issues.

Those participating include Richard Dell Isola, Peter Napolitano, Cynthia Sarnie, Fred Capone, Stephanie Martins, Stephen Simonelli, Anthony DiPierro, Rose DiFlorio and Michael McLaughlin.

Those who did not participate include John McKinnon, Catherine Tomassi Hicks, Stephanie Smith, Wayne Matewsky, Michael Marchese and John Hanlon.

One of the most controversial questions was the first and second questions, and they included topics about working with the federal government on deportations.

Question 1 asked whether the City of Everett agencies, including the Police, should be allowed to collaborate with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding individuals who have not been convicted of a crime.

On that question, all of those participating said the City should not cooperate with ICE for those who have not committed a crime and are in Everett.

Martins did not respond to that question, and DiFlorio said the City should cooperate.

The second question asked whether the City should stand against the deportation of hundreds of Everett residents who could have their immigration status revoked in coming months due to federal decisions to end DACA and Temporary Protected Status (TPS).

That question saw the Council most divided.

Those saying the City should stand against those actions included Napolitano, Sarnie, Capone, Martins, DiPierro, and McLaughlin.

Those who said the City should not stand against such actions included Dell Isola, Simonelli, and DiFlorio.

Another question involved where the City should provide interpreters and translate important documents into languages commonly spoken in Everett, such as Arabic, Spanish, Haitian Creole, and Portuguese.

All agreed that the City should offer translation and interpretation services except Capone, Simonelli and DiFlorio.

The final question involved whether candidates committed to ensuring that at least 500 of the Wynn jobs are available to Everett residents.

All said they did commit to that.

It was the only question with across the board agreement.

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