Council President Anthony DiPierro Seeks Re-Election

City Council President Anthony DiPierro officially announced his re-election bid as Ward 3 City Councilor, which is voted citywide. DiPierro was first elected in 2015 in his first run for public office.

“I’ve always felt that public service is a concrete and effective way to give back to the community,” DiPierro said. “When I first ran for the City Council, I said that this is about you, the people of Everett, getting everything they deserve from their elected officials, and I’ve worked hard to be a strong voice for the people I am lucky enough to represent,” he added.

Anthony DiPierro is part of a new generation of leaders in Everett. He knows that toughness also requires civility, and that working together respectfully is how we get the best results for the people who live and work in our city.

During his first term on the city council, DiPierro has proven himself to be a strong, proactive leader. At his very first meeting as a city councilor, he introduced and established the Council’s Special Committee on the Opioid Crisis to enable our city to fight addiction in an effective way. Working closely with Mayor DeMaria and the City Council, the committee lobbied successfully for a city clinician, a substance abuse coordinator and promoted the idea of recovery coaches.

DiPierro has also served on the Ways and Means and Legislative Affairs and Elections Committees. While on the council, he has stood up against blighted and problem ridden rooming houses that pose threats to our neighborhoods, and he has fought to lower the speed limits in densely populated areas.

DiPierro’s colleagues on the council recognized his leadership skills and unanimously appointed him Council President during his second year in office. As Council President, he has streamlined meetings and has fostered a respectful and productive environment. During his presidency, he has created a council public utilities committee to deal with issues that may arise from increased development in Everett, and has modernized the city’s outdated lodging house ordinance to ensure that new hotels and developers pay their fair share to our city government.

Outside of the City Council, DiPierro enjoys giving back to community groups such as the Saugus/Everett Elks Lodge, Kiwanis Club, and Pop Warner Football and The E Club. He is also a member of the Deven’s School Board of Directors – an alternative Everett Public School.

Anthony DiPierro is committed to maintaining Everett’s rich history and ensuring Everett remains a great place to work, live and raise a family. He knows that smart development and a healthy tax base are what will make Everett outstanding in the years ahead and he will always fight to keep Everett safe and affordable.

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