Mayor’s Capital Improvements Plan is Directly Benefitting the Students of Everett

The Keverian School in Everett is undergoing a series of exciting and essential upgrades this summer, thanks to Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s expansive Capital Improvement Plan.

Workers lay bricks as part of the Keverian School improvements.

When school begins later this month, Keverian students, families, teachers, and staff will see a host of upgrades, chief among them a brand-new playground with state-of-the-art equipment. “In the 10 years since the Keverian was built, the school has never had its own playground, so this is a fantastic addition for our students,” said Superintendent of Schools Frederick F. Foresteire.

Work crews are also making a series of improvements to the exterior of the school. New paving, curbs, and landscaping will adorn the front of the building. Additionally, city engineers have created a solution to a recurring problem of water gathering near the front and rear of the school after heavy rainfall. Finally, the work will result in more parking spaces for Keverian employees.

“The cooperative manner in which city departments work together is as impressive as it is productive,” said Superintendent Foresteire. “From the Mayor and the School Committee to the City Council and City Hall, our leaders are committed to making Everett a better place to live. The Capital Improvement Plan is a perfect example of these ongoing efforts, which are directly benefitting our students.”

Work at the Keverian is being done by GTA Corporation, and Everett-based company that specializes in site work, utilities, excavation contracting and landscape construction.

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