Bow Street Housing Plan in Industrial Building Withdrawn

By Seth Daniel

A controversial housing plan in a heavily industrial district on Bow Street has been withdrawn this week due to numerous complications regarding the proposal.

Everett Attorney Jon Kennedy reported last week that the proposal for 14 units of housing by owner George Varoudakis in the same Bow Street property that houses Down the Road Brewery and a Handgun Shooting range would be withdrawn.

“He will be withdrawing without prejudice,” said Kennedy.

The housing was going to require a heavy investment into the sidewalks, drainage and other infrastructure – to a point where it wasn’t going to make financial sense to convert the space from industrial to residential.

Additionally, Kennedy said two abutters who would greatly benefit from the infrastructure improvements were not contributing to the work – leaving Varoudakis to shoulder the entire cost of the work.

The withdrawal also makes it exponentially easier for the brewery – his tenant – to complete work on its tap room. That project hit quite a snag last month at the Planning Board due to an oversight and the introduction of the residential project.

The withdrawal is expected to come at Monday’s Planning Board meeting.

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