ZBA Approves Six-Units on Bradford Street

By Seth Daniel

The Everett Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) took up several hard-hitting matters on Monday night, Aug. 7, but ended up with several continuances on those matters.

That said, the board did approve a six-unit development by Alexander and Katia Alvarenya Vidal on 170 Bradford St. on a property described as currently being a “dump.”

Attorney John Kennedy of Everett said his clients intend to clear off the 12,148 sq. ft. land, renovate the existing two-family and add four additional units – a total of six units.

He said the state of the property now is horrible, and the project would improve a very ornate neighborhood.

“It looks like the Clampetts struck oil there,” he said. “It’s a dump. Bradford Street has nice homes with large lots. The proponents want to add four units to the existing two-family – six total units. They have 12 parking spaces…This will be making a vast improvement to the neighborhood.”

The units would be three-bedroom units that are about 1,400 sq. ft. per unit.

The matter was unanimously approved, 4-0.

One of the more controversial matters on the docket never even made it to the floor, however.

Louis DiSanto had proposed to divide up lots on 30-32 Lexington St., and that brought out a crowd of neighbors. One lot had 5,769 sq. ft., while the other lot had 15,980 sq. ft.

However, there were issues with the submission, and so the family – representing themselves – asked for the matter to be continued so they could work out issues with the building inspector and the fire chief. It will be heard  again at the Sept. 18 meeting.

Meanwhile, Greg Antonelli asked for his proposed new 23-unit building at 605 Broadway to be continued as well. The proposal contains no parking, and Antonelli said he wanted it to be continued to see where the soon-to-be-proposed overlay district might end up. If it’s approved, his project might be looked on more favorably by the board in having no parking. It was tabled until the Oct. 16 meeting.

The ZBA approved the following measures:

  • Stephen ‘Stat’ Smith was approved unanimously to cover a previously existing deck at 15 Mansfield St.
  • Anthony Phelps got unanimous approval to enclose an existing rear porch to create a four-season porch, one story tall, at 32 Raymond St.

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