Baker-Polito Administration Awards Everett Community Development Block Grant

On Thursday, July 20th Governor Charlie Baker and Lieutenant Governor Karyn Polito awarded the City of Everett an $825,000 Community Development Block Grant, one of 39 grants awarded statewide through the $30.5 million program. These funds will help Everett to respond to specific housing, community, and economic development projects that support low- and moderate-income residents. The CDGB program is a federally funded, competitive grant program which helps small cities and towns meet a broad range of community development needs.

“This is a program that truly helps our city,” states Mayor DeMaria, “My administration works every day with our state and federal delegation to continue to build our community.  This grant is not just about fixing streets and sidewalks- it’s about building community, providing assistance and bringing more services to our residents. I’m thankful to Sen. DiDomenico, Rep. McGonagle, and the Baker-Polito administration for recognizing and acting on our needs.”

In April, DeMaria joined over 200 mayors nationwide in asking Congress to protect CDBG funding. In a letter to Congress, DeMaria emphasized how these funds have supported projects and services in cities and towns that would not be funded by annual budgets. With CDBG funding municipalities are able to greatly improve the quality of life for its residents.

“Flexible block grant funding allows our cities and towns to respond to specific local needs,” said Gov. Baker. “These investments will support long-term economic growth and positive changes in transportation infrastructure, housing markets, and community spaces.”

“Residents across the Commonwealth will see tangible improvements in their communities through this year’s Community Development Block Grants,” said Lt. Gov.Karyn Polito. “These awards will offer support at the local level, allowing municipalities to pursue a bright future for their community.”

In the past, CDBG funding in Everett has focused on public social services, housing rehabilitation, infrastructure improvements – consisting or rehabilitation of parks, improvements of roadway and sidewalks, and microenterprise assistance.

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