A Reasonable Request

The state legislators are in the process of crafting and voting on legislation that will allow Wynn Boston Harbor to serve liquor until 4 a.m. on its gambling floor.

There is time to make sure that the wording for this bill will be correct and also protect all residents of Massachusetts.

One cannot speak more highly of the type of organization that Steve Wynn has built in his decades as head of Wynn Resorts.

On the strength of his reputation, Massachusetts wanted Steve Wynn.

Steve Wynn is now building a $2.4 billion casino that will also be the only five-star hotel in Boston.

In 2019, Wynn Resorts officials will need to compete with other casinos on the east coast in attracting customers to its resort.  Many of these competing casinos have a 24-hour liquor license.

Wynn Resorts officials are not asking for a 24-hour license, but a license that goes only two hours beyond what all other restaurants and bars presently operate under in Massachusetts.

One can understand the hesitancy of some state legislators not to support this measure.

However, a two-hour extension seems reasonable.

As this bill makes it way through the Halls of the State House, restrictions can and should be placed to make sure that the only beneficiary of this new law in Everett will be Wynn Boston Harbor.

The responsible course of action for our state legislators is to approve the two-hour liquor extension only for Wynn and not let their personal feelings come before the will of the overwhelming majority of Massachusetts whom these same state legislators have taken an oath to serve.

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