Everett Council Establishes City Hall Book Store

By Joseph Domelowicz Jr.

The Everett City Council voted Monday night to approve a motion establishing a revolving fund to create a new City Hall Book Store.

The impetus for the new endeavor is to provide the City with a mechanism for creating and selling City memorabilia associated with the City of Everett 125th Anniversary celebration, also known as the Quasquicentennial Celebration, which began earlier this year with the city Bonfire in late January, and will continue May 20 with the City Wide Yard Sale.

A July 22 parade up Broadway, and other events are also being planned.

According to City Clerk Michael Matarazzo and Assistant City Clerk Sergio Cornelio, the bookstore will be selling items like the collectable Quasquicentennial coins that have been circulated around the city, hats, t-shirts, bumper stickers and perhaps even mugs or wine glasses.

The upfront funding, if provided by the City Council, will allow the store to buy initial merchandise for the yearlong celebration and associated events. As the money is recovered through sales of that merchandise, the account will pay the City general fund back and operate off of its profits.

Cornelio noted that if successful, the store could stay open beyond this celebration year and continue to sell Everett-themed merchandise at City Hall.

For more information on the quasquicentennial visit www.everett125.com

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