Bank of America Building Ready for Big Things in the Square

By Seth Daniel

When Vladymir Narcisse, an Everett native now living in Revere, surveyed the development scene a few years ago, he couldn’t help but trust his instincts that Everett Square in his hometown of Everett was ripe for something great to happen.

In fact, for that reason the family business, Zaytems International LLC, seized on that hunch and purchased the two-story Bank of America building in the Square. Now, with the re-design of Everett Square going full speed, the City and Narcisse have been working cooperatively to define what his marquee property will mean for the future of the Square.

For his part, he has very big dreams.

“We bought the building as a family business,” he said. “It wasn’t about buying that building; it was about the Square. We really wanted to do something to change the area. The building is ready for something. There isn’t much money to be made on the current building. We don’t make much there in revenue because the businesses have been there so long. We only bought that building to be in the Square. If people are ready to work with us, I’m ready to do something great.”

The two-story building on the west side of the Square contains a large parking lot, and Narcisse said his very conceptual plans include a large building that is tailored to those who want to live, walk and take the bus in Everett Square.

He is proposing, at least in his very initial ideas, a 10 to 12 story building that would be set back in the parking lot area with two levels of underground parking and one level of above ground parking. On the street level, he envisions a two to three-story building that would house commercial businesses like restaurants, bars, dry cleaners and other service oriented businesses.

In the basement of the large building would be amenities and even a pool.

“The reason why I want to do this plan is I want to create something where people in Everett don’t have to go to Boston,” he said. “They can stay in the Square, in this building, and they have everything they need. Look at the people living in the big buildings in Somerville. This is what they’re doing. Everything is there. If they want food, it’s there. If they want to swim, they don’t even have to leave the building. I want to do that kind of thing in Everett Square.

He said he believes it to be a $17 million project, and he has shown plans to the City and they are encouraged by his thoughts.

“I am ready to spent the money,” he said. “This is my city. This is where I want to spend the money. If doesn’t matter where you develop; if you do it correctly and the right way, you make money. I would rather do that in my city.”

He said he has engaged an architect, and he’s now looking for an engineer to draft a blueprint. Already, he has spent some money on attorneys looking into the zoning and other matters.

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