Near-Riot:Chuck E Cheese Attack Under Investigation, Pregnant Woman Assaulted

By Seth Daniel

Everett Police are investigating an assault on a pregnant woman during an altercation in the Chuck E Cheese establishment in the Gateway Mall on Monday night, Feb. 20 – the second major incident at the children’s restaurant in three months.

Monday’s assault followed a near-riot that occurred on Dec. 17 at Chuck E Cheese when several adults drinking alcohol that was brought into the establishment got into a fight, and then turned on responding officers.

Mayor Carlo DeMaria’s office said the mayor is concerned about the incident and the fact that it is the second one in two months.

“Clearly the mayor is concerned about it and we’re looking at all possibilities and what we can do about it,” read the statement. “He has concerns and communicated those concerns with all the department heads at City Hall…His biggest concern is with the health and safety of the people attending the establishment.”

The Mayor’s Office indicated that Chuck E Cheese in Everett does not have a liquor license or a beer and wine license – unlike some locations. There is also a paid police detail already on the premises.

The only license the establishment has is an entertainment license.

Councilor Michael McLaughlin, who represents that area, said he would like to convene a meeting of the Public Safety Committee to search out a solution.

“It is a very sad day when you have two serious issues in a short period of time at a child friendly establishment,” he said. “I have asked Councilor Leo McKinnon…to call a meeting to discuss this matter immediately. I look forward to discussing these matters with our Police Department and the establishment. I feel strongly that we will be able to come to a conclusion that will address this issue and hopefully stop it from happening in the future.”

There has been a great deal of misinformation on the incident Monday in the Boston media, and Everett Police did confirm some details Tuesday afternoon.

According to preliminary police information, the incident on Monday started when a pregnant women threw a large object at someone else inside Chuck E Cheese. That object missed it’s target and hit a toddler in the head at another part of the store – a toddler who was uninvolved with the situation. That caused a male, who may or may not have had a knife, to confront the pregnant woman, and he ended up punching her several times in the face.

In media reports, the man was said to have escaped the store by pulling out a knife and demanding that other patrons allow him to leave. That was unconfirmed by police.

Both the toddler and pregnant woman were taken by ambulance to MGH for precautionary reasons and weren’t reported to be seriously injured.

The matter is under investigation by the Everett Police, and the Police Report is likely to be forwarded to the License Commission for review.

Detectives are pursuing good leads on the man with the knife who fled after punching the pregnant woman, police said.

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