Public Meeting Tonight:Wynn Boston Harbor Will Give View of ‘Real’ Construction Details

By Seth Daniel

What has to date been discussions of possibilities and ideas around the Wynn Boston Harbor casino will be boiled down to timelines and construction techniques at an update meeting scheduled for tonight, July 13, at the Connolly Center.

To mark the third anniversary of the successful casino referendum vote in Everett, which happened on June 22, 2013, the Wynn folks have called an update for the community to begin sharing specific details about construction and general timelines for the casino – which is expected to break ground at some point this summer.

“After three years of planning and preparing, the construction of Wynn Boston Harbor is ready to begin and the people of Everett should be the first to hear about it,” said Chris Gordon, president of Wynn Design and Development Massachusetts. “We want to preview the scope of this amazing project to them and provide an inside look at how we are going to do things and when milestones may be happening. Hopefully, when people walk away from the meeting, they’ll be as excited and proud of this project as we are.”

The meeting isn’t required, officials said, but is a way for the company to get people excited about the project once again – specifically by sharing details of how the gigantic project will be constructed.

Engineer Chris Gordon will be on hand to share details about the slurry walls they will construct and how it is that a slurry wall is executed for a foundation as large as the casino. Slurry walls were used extensively in the Big Dig tunnels and are hailed as an engineering marvel.

Other exciting details will include drone videos and pictures of the site, along with an explanation of what will go where.

A rough timeline will also be released, which will explain when the slab will be laid down, when the tower will begin to go up, when the tower will be completed, when the project will be weatherized, when the boiler will be installed, when the rough work will be done and when traffic improvements will commence.

One of the things that will also be discussed is the fact that the project is unique in that it is on a peninsula. Surrounded by water on three sides in a very confined site, the project will go up at the same time that it goes out – bringing about a very unique construction strategy.

In addition to the professionals already working locally on the project, experts in construction and design have been brought in from Macau and Vegas to help execute the unique construction methods.

The meeting starts at 6 p.m. in the Connolly Center today, July 13.

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