Everett Youths Attacked in ‘Hate Crime’ on Revere Beach

By Seth Daniel

Massachusetts State Police have arrested a Revere man who swung a hammer at a group of African-American and Hispanic young men and teenagers from Everett on Revere Beach Sunday evening, hitting one of the youths with the hammer.

The man shouted racial slurs during and after the attack, and the victims were said to have intervened in order to help a child.

Gianpaolo Cerretani, 24, of Revere, was arraigned in Chelsea District Court on numerous charges, including civil rights violations, on Monday morning. H was held without bail pending a dangerousness hearing scheduled for later this week.

Troopers arrested Cerretani after they were called to the area of the beach near the Bandstand at around 4:20 p.m. by a witness, who reported that a man was swinging a hammer at beachgoers.

During a preliminary investigation, troopers learned that Cerretani allegedly took a football from a young child. The group of Hispanic and African-American young men and teenagers took the football from Cerretani and gave it back to the child.

At some point Cerretani became enraged and began wielding a hammer and swinging the tool at the group while shouting racial slurs at them.

One of the group, an 18-year-old Hispanic man from Lowell, was struck by the hammer, suffering minor injuries to his arms as he tried to protect his head.

As numerous troopers rushed to the scene, the group of youths and young men got the hammer away from Cerretani and subdued him.

When troopers reached the fracas, they placed Cerretani, who was bleeding from cuts on his head, into handcuffs while they interviewed victims and witnesses. After troopers had Cerretani cuffed, he shouted another racial slur and an obscenity at one of the group, and also shouted at troopers, calling one of them a “pig.” He shouted to a trooper, “I’ll take you too.”

As troopers began escorting Cerretani to the back of a cruiser, he attempted to resist being placed in the cruiser. He was taken under guard to Whidden Memorial Hospital in Everett, where he was treated. Cerretani also called an African-American security guard at Whidden a racial epithet.

Cerretani was then brought to the State Police Barracks on Revere Beach where he was booked on charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; assault with a dangerous weapon; civil rights violation; threats to commit a crime; disorderly conduct; and resisting arrest.

Troopers recovered the hammer at the scene. Troopers have asked Cerretani where he got the hammer, but he refused to answer.

The victim hit by the hammer, the 18-year-old from Lowell, refused medical transport. In addition to that victim, the rest of the group attacked by Cerretani consists of several other males ranging in age from 16-20. They are residents of Boston and Everett.

Police did detect an odor of alcohol coming from Cerretani.

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