A Huge Step Forward

Monday’s announcement from both Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Wynn Resort officials that the building permit for the start of construction on the $2 billion resort hotel in Everett has been issued comes as welcome news for the taxpayers of our city.

These past few years since Steve Wynn first came to Everett in December 2012 to look at the site have been a roller coaster ride for both residents and elected officials alike.  At times, it seemed that Wynn’s dream of a Boston resort would just die amidst the business-as-usual dealings of Massachusetts politics.

There are still a few lawsuits pending, but the fact that the building permit has been issued and a $5 million check paid to the City of Everett means that we are seeing a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel.

How the courts will deal with the pending lawsuits cannot be predicted, but we would note that up to this point, Wynn officials are batting 1.000 in dealing with lawsuits from the City of Boston.

We can only hope that this win streak will continue into the future.

With a $5 million check in hand, a special note of praise must be given to Mayor Carlo DeMaria and his team, who against all odds, committed the time and effort to bringing Steve Wynn to Everett and then kept the project moving forward.

Today, we see the first substantial fruits of Mayor DeMaria’s hard work.

In the words of Bernie Sanders, this check and building permit are a “YUGE”  step forward.

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