Thank You to the Volunteers

Needless to say, Saturday, April 23 was not a great day to have a clean-up as the rains and the cold weather just stayed around.

However, these conditions did not discourage the volunteers that helped clean up the Northern Strand Bike to Sea Trail.

The volunteers showed up to clear the brush and litter that only a New England winter can bring.

In the coming months, this path will be used extensively for the wonderful outdoor space that it has become for many residents. Their experiences on this trail will be all the more enjoyable thanks to the clean-up volunteers.

The immediate gratification for these volunteers as the many trash bags and truckloads of debris were removed during the clean up was evident.

However, the trash littering our parks and open spaces comes from all of us.  So let’s all do our small part in picking up and more importantly, disposing properly of our trash and not letting it become someone else’s problem.

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