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Ward Six Councilor McLaughlin celebrates the agreement between Wynn Resorts and the City of Boston

 As the City Councilor of the local area for Wynn Everett, it is a true honor that we as a community can celebrate the agreement between Wynn Resorts and the City of Boston.  Since 2012, I have led the fight against the City of Boston opposition against this project.  If you would like to speak on this matter please feel free to contact me at (781) 560-3791 or [email protected].


Michael J. McLaughlin

Ward Six City Councilor


Mayor DeMaria & H.S. Assistance programs saw huge outpouring of support in 2015

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Carolyn Lightburn, Director of Human Services, would like to extend the City’s appreciation to local Everett businesses and residents for their generous donations in 2015 to the City’s Human Services Assistance Programs, which benefit Everett families in crisis.

Due to the generous support from the community, the Office of Human Services was able to provide Christmas gifts, holiday meals and emergency services once again this year to support well over 500 local families, children, and seniors.  Some examples of the services provided included holiday meals and Christmas gifts for children.

Mayor DeMaria and the Office of Human Services were pleased to accept donations in the form of checks and gift cards. Human Services also received support to provide Thanksgiving baskets and holiday meals for hundreds of families. Carolyn Lightburn stated “Each year the holidays remind us of those who are less fortunate and who may feel that they have little to celebrate during the holiday season. Since we received so many generous donations, we were able to make life a little better for some of Everett’s families.”

The City also accepted over a thousand donations to its Holiday Toy Drive for Everett children.  Due to the generous support from residents and city employees, the Mayor’s Office was able to provide toys to support hundreds of local families and children in need.

“I would like to thank all of the businesses and residents who donated to our fundraising efforts last year,” states Mayor DeMaria, “Whether you helped out with the holidays meals program, donated a gift card or a toy at Christmas, or sent a check to our Human Services Office in support of programs, your compassion and your generosity are much appreciated.  I hope, as a community, we will be as generous and supportive in 2016.”6tt

Mayor Carlo DeMaria and Carolyn Lightburn



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